Thursday, November 27, 2008

Allentown Master Plumbers Association

The plumbing profession in this country and around the world makes a tremendous contribution to the economy and employs many people starting with the owner of the plumbing firm, its employees -- to the supply, manufacturing, transportation and raw materials industries. The primary purposes of plumbing is to keep potable water away from impure water, to safely remove explosive methane gas from the drains and to remove waste. Can you imagine what life would be like if we could not get rid of human waste? Your plumber, engineering, excavating, and sewerage enforcement authorities in the municipalities assure that these dangerous events and disease spreading agents are properly handled. Along with giving you safe potable water and removing your waste, your plumbing professional also provides comfort for you in the form of warmth, hot water, air conditioning and yes, even recreation as there is a lot of plumbing in swimming pool piping. Fitters, also a part of this trade provide you with fire protection, storm water run off and so on. Plumbing is a vital profession to us all.

Note the above is excerpted from Parr's Survival Guide

Therefore when you look in the phone book, read the newspaper, listen to the radio or watch TV ... Some ad's mention Plumbing. Herein lies the problem of who is a qualified plumber and who is not. The problem is getting worse. We have in this area electricians saying they are doing plumbing. Today we see a oil burner firm has started advertising that they do plumbing. We see handyman type operations showing that they do plumbing. How does the person who is calling for a plumber know that they are getting a true plumber? One who is licensed, tested and insured in the area in which they live.

Here are some questions & thoughts you might want to ponder in your minds.

  • The license number, the locality and the name of the Master Plumber are they shown in the advertisement?
  • When calling a plumbing firm, ask for a license number and locality where license is issued. Any hesitation and stumbling over that question should alert the caller to a problem.
  • As of this date there is not a State Plumbing License in Pennsylvania.
  • When the truck arrives at the property, is a license number shown in the truck lettering? If the truck is not lettered it might behoove you to ask about a license number.
  • Major job ... Were you given a written contract, showing start and finish dates and are all materials and terms listed?
  • If it is a major job was a permit pulled and is the permit posted?

In Allentown there is a “Master Plumbers Association” Rest assure that any member is a

Licensed, Registered

Master Plumber

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President ... Tim Beil

Vice President ... Ken Monaco

Secretary ... William Parr

Treasurer ... Mike Gillette

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